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About Us

Fliplet enables anyone to create useful app experiences by making app ‘development’ as simple as building a presentation.

By removing the complexity and intimidation of ‘apps’, and demonstrating that they can be built with no more skill than is required to build a typical business presentation, we are liberating a new channel of creativity, communication, and collaboration for all businesses.

We do this through an easy ‘drag & drop’ interface, a large library of pre-built templates and components, a clear and easy to follow process, and a mountain of underlying advanced technology that removes the burden of coding, publishing, maintenance, updating, and more.

With Fliplet, virtually anyone can build a useful application to serve employees, customers, or partners, and fulfill virtually any function from marketing to event planning, communications, training, sales enablement, transaction processing and beyond. 

Fliplet is all about creating app experiences that are as simple as creating a presentation, as powerful as your imagination. What experience will you create today?

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Where it all started

In 2011 our founder, Ian Broom, directed a full-service web agency. The agency clients started requesting a quick and easy way to build and maintain mobile apps, in the same way they did websites. This is where the idea for Fliplet was born, and the first product was launched in May 2013. 

We have since evolved and now offer easy-to-use templates to help clients get started quickly and to produce professional looking apps, in less time.  We are constantly listening to our clients and towards the end of the pandemic in 2021, we created a template called Remote and Office Management Solution (known to our teams as ROMS). This template supports organizations with their return to office post-pandemic and helps them manage a hybrid workforce. 

 Over the years, we have gathered £500,000 in investment, launched hundreds of upgrades and made many customers happy (and appy!)

“I’m proud that we have been able to create a product that not only enables mobile innovation, but inspires companies to work faster and smarter. Fliplet is excited to help companies drastically change how they benefit from mobile apps.”

Ian Broom